Mission Statement for Our Projects

The fund will support projects run by already established and suitably vetted organizations. Projects will be selected on individual merit. The aim will be to select projects which mirror the qualities of the individual children.

Ideally some projects will give us the opportunity to contribute in person as well as through monetary funds from the fund directly. As our understanding of where we can be most effective develops we hope to increase the possibility of provision of hands on services.

We hope that our inputs will drive teaching how to fish rather than just providing food for a day…..

Projects have to fulfill the following criteria.

  • They have to take place in areas that do not have any social safety net and where aid, in this form, is the only possibility .
  • They have to be run by organizations or individuals who display transparency in their set up and accounts.
  • They have to have specific start and end points to be met.
  • They have to cover needs in the following but not necessarily all areas; nutrition, health, education, and general safety of children under the ages of 18.
  • The organizations we support have to be charitable by law.