Hearing Aids

Hearing Impaired Children – a special interest.

Our daughter Saoirse was born deaf and having dealt with her deafness as a family we have a particular interest in assisting hearing impaired children.

We do this by sponsoring teachers of the deaf another and by supplying hearing aids to children who would otherwise have no access to this sort of technology.

Our main focus currently is schools for hearing impaired children in Kenya. However we also assist children in Uganda, Gambia and South Africa.

Do you have unused hearing aids? If so please consider donating them!

We gratefully receive second hand hearing aids from private donors and audiology clinics.

The aids are then fitted by the Kenyan Deaf Society who organize audiology, making of moulds and staff education for the childrens carers and teachers.

If you have spare hearing aids at home which you are able to donate we, – and more importantly the children would be very grateful.

Please consider donating by sending your hearing aids to us:

21 Jamieson Street, Pemberton 6260 WA

or email us on hello@3musketeers.net.au

We also have potential for collecting hearing aids in Denmark, Ireland and the UK

3Musketeers.net.au - Hearing Aids for Mwingi Special School

Hearing Aids for Mwingi Special School